PAVALON - Swedish Dish Towel


dish towels are made of 70% biodegradable Cellulose and all natural 30% Cotton.

PAVALON’S dish towel is extremely eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and the towels are dishwasher and washing machine (90°C/200°F) safe for repeated use and less waste.

10-Pack will replace 150 rolls of paper towels, it can also be used as a sponge replacement.

Once you feel you got the most usage out of your dish towel, you can throw it away, guilt free knowing they are biodegradable and can be thrown into your compost bin.

PAVALON’S dish towel are a great multi-use towel, perfect for the kitchen, countertops, bathroom and office space. Wiping down messy areas has never been so easy!

PAVALON’S dish towel comes in a beautiful morning blue color.

PAVALON’S dish towel makes cleaning up messy areas easy. With it’s ability to absorb liquid 20 times its weight, it’s absolutely like magic leaves nothing behind! 

Easy to use: Fully wet the dish towel and rinse out any remaining water. Then wipe away those accidental spils or wipe down countertops leaving it shiny!