Göteborgs - Ballerina

Ballerina is Sweden's most beloved biscuit and Gothenburg Biscuits most popular brand. The round original with the combination of crispy biscuits and soft nougat cream has been around since 1963. Taste and filling are strong driving forces in the category - now Ballerina Original is launched with 25% more filling for even better taste. Ballerina's products are baked without palm oil.

Size: 2 x 190g
Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR / WHEAT FLOUR, nougat filling 35% (sugar, fully hardened coconut fat, whey powder / whey powder from MILK / MILK, HAZELNUTS / HAZELNUTS 10%, fat-reduced cocoa powder, sunflower oil), sunflower oil, / leavening agent (sodium bicarbonate, antler salt E503), invert sugar, salt, emulsifier (SOYALECITINE), aroma (vanillin), GRAIN MALT / BUILDING MALT.