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Read the entire instruction manual and warning text carefully before starting treatment.

Coloring of lashes and eyebrows:

1. Clean your lashes and eyebrows well with mild soap and water to remove grease residue. To achieve the best results, the hair must be dry before starting the treatment. NOTE! As this color jelly colors directly and also adheres to skin, it is important to protect the skin areas before you start the treatment. Lubricate the lower eyelid and skin closest to the lashes and eyebrows with the included protective cream. Be careful not to get protective cream on lashes or eyebrows, which will worsen the color result.

2. Attach the protective paper so that it protects the skin during staining. Moisten the tops with the activator liquid (bottle) and apply on the lashes. Do this twice so that they are securely completely soaked. Wait 2 min.

3. Spread a dollop of color jelly (the tube) evenly on the mascara brush and then apply on the lashes.

4. Be careful that you only apply the color gel to the hair strands. The staining begins immediately. Carefully comb through the hair strands so that you get color jelly everywhere. Wait 30 sec and then rinse with a little soap and water to remove the remnants of the gel.

After the treatment, clean the mascara brush thoroughly with water so that it can be used for the next treatment. The color gel (tube) and the activator (bottle) must never be mixed together, e.g. in a bowl or the like, but should only be applied according to the above instructions.

The color gel (tube) and the activator (bottle) must not come into contact with textiles, furniture, porcelain, etc. as the contents may cause stains that are difficult to remove. The spots do not appear until after a few hours. In case of spillage, rinse and wipe immediately.

If, after all, color spots on the skin should occur during the treatment, these disappear in 2-3 days. Seal the tube and bottle tightly and store in a cool, dark place.

NOTE: the contents of the activator may darken over time, but this does not affect the quality of the product. Warning: May cause an allergic reaction. Avoid all contact with the eyes. The color gel (tube) contains silver nitrate. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. Keep out of reach of children.