Why choose Pavalon?

Hello dear customer! 

Thanks for tuning in to our website. No matter if you're looking for Kalles kaviar, Swedish candy or just a bar of Marabou, we're here to assist you. 


We are a small company located in Torrance, California. Our mission is to provide you with the very best of Sweden. No matter if you're located in Los Angeles, New York or somewhere in between. 

Comparing our site to Swedish ones may be a bit confusing when it comes to our prices. Therefore, we would like to take a moment to explain what you as our customer actually is paying for.


  • Shipping - We do not drop ship, nor will we ever do so. Everything you buy from us, has been bought in Sweden by our Swedish company, shipped to our U.S Company - Fulfillment center in Torrance, CA - Made available on our website - then fulfilled by our staff and shipped out to you as a customer.

    When we started The Pavalon, we asked ourselves what would make us unique from our competitors. The answer was free shipping for all orders, no matter the minimum purchase. We are very proud to be the only Swedish food & candy store that offers this to all customers. In addition, we purchase priority mail (1-3 delivery days) so that you received your products fast! 

    We are also one of the only companys shipping refrigerated items on a daily basis. This means we pay extra for adding cooling boxes in your package, in order to guarantee safe & fresh products. 

  • FDA Regulations - Everything we import from Sweden, Norway, etc, Is done with compliance from the FDA here in the U.S.
    To simplify, this means that all the products/brands we import has been sealed with approval exclusive access to sell their products in the United Sates.

    This might sound easy, but we can assure you that it's only possible because of hard work & trust, from one company to another.

  • Taxes & Toll

    Our company is located in the state of California and we always pay import / toll tax on everything that we import here. The percentage of import tax vary from product to product. On candy it's around 12%, this means that you as a customer would never have to pay any additional toll/import costs when buying from us, since it has already been paid for.

  • Dedication - PAVALON is a company that thrives on listening to our customers! Many of you have requested certain products and we always do our very best to make things happen.

    That is also why we make it a point to import the requested items here. We continuously work hard to make sure that it become a reality and available on our site only after a couple weeks.

    We are also continuously improving as a boutique company that loves to connect with our customers & to ensure their satisfaction with our product and service.



Pricing Breakdown


  1. Product cost & shipping from manufacture to our business in Sweden.

  2. Repacking (Boxes, Pallets, nutrition labels, usually 1-2 weeks work) All the material around it.

  3. Freight - Sweden to the U.S variates between both Air freight and Ocean. 

  4. Prior Notice & Toll work(Customs clearance) for each shipment. This is Extremely time consuming and requires lots of paperwork that must be done, yet costly.

  5. We pay our Staff to repack everything with appropriate labels and packaging once it arrives to our U.S warehouse.

  6. Handling your order & shipping to your door as fast as we can.

We are still a new company, and we learn something new for each day.

We started off very small with a couple hundred Marabou bars & we are so happy to be where we’re at today. All because of you. Every recommendation and good review means the world. 

Thanks for understanding, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at hello@thepavalon.com


We love you all.