The story about Pavalon

The beginning of Pavalon

Me (Johan) & Axel started to get to know each other in our teenage years. We grew up in the same area, and both attended high school in the Swedish town Karlstad. 

Very early in life, we started to discuss what we wanted to do with our lives, what we wanted to become & where we would like to live. Moving to the U.S was something we always had in common.  

After high school Axel moved to Los Angeles and started up a model agency. I stayed in Sweden & started up a company focusing on electricity & taxes. 

A few years later, more closely around November 2019, me and Axel had not met each other for over a year. Therefore, I went to L.A to surprise him. 

In my suitcase I had three bars of Marabou. 

Later that day, we realized that Marabou is very much appreciated by almost everyone that come across it and thats where the business idea came to life. 

I flew home to Sweden, bought 150 bars of Marabou chocolate at the nearest grocery store which I later packed within a moving box from IKEA. This was our very first shipment.

With our very basic knowledge we built up a website as good as we could & waited for the 6th of December before we launched. The reason for this was because I moved to Bali and wanted to touch ground before we proceeded with anything.

The following day, the 6th of December, we went live for the first time ever. I think we managed to sell 1 bar of Marabou the first day, maybe two. Then a few days later, someone that ordered from our website uploaded our products to her Facebook page & things took off. 

We got a pretty good start and we both agreed to put as much energy and dedication to this project as it needed to be done the way we wanted it  to - perfect. Because of this, I moved back to Sweden. 

For almost 10 months we were packing every order at our home, from mornings until late nights. Sometimes in over 18-20 hours streaks. 

We wanted to expand, and we started to import more products. This was all thanks to our customers, which constantly have been providing us with their wishes and leads.

After some time, we opened up our first fulfillment center in Torrance. Starting from then, we could finally offer pick ups & boutique shopping. Something we had wished to offer for a long time.

Now as we're writing this, we are only a couple of days from celebrating our first year as a Swedish candy seller in the U.S, and we could not have asked for a better start. 

Therefore, we just wanted to say thank you.
Thanks to all of those who have shopped with us.
Thanks to all of those who have left us with a review.
Thanks for all the posts & pictures and heart-warming words. 
Thanks for letting us know when we did bad, and letting us fix our mistakes to leave you as a happy customer. 

You can be sure that we will celebrate our very first birthday with you.

Thanks for being the best customers in the whole world and choosing us as your Swedish candy supplier. We are learning and developing for each day & we are very proud and happy that you want to share the journey with us. 

Without you, this had never been possible. 


Axel & Johan